Higher Education in National Contexts - Volume 7

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In this Edition:
Page 5: Meta-Governance and the Supply of Degree Programmes in the Context of Bologna: Lessons from the Portuguese Case (Amélia Veiga, António Magalhães, Alberto Amaral)
Page 27: The Impact of Cost-Sharing on Accessibility and Equity in Portuguese Higher Education – Recent Trends (Luísa Cerdeira, Maria de Lourdes Machado-Taylor, Belmiro Gil Cabrito, Tomás Patrocínio)
Page 51: Implementing the Bologna Process in Portugal and in Finland: National and Institutional Realities in Perspective (Sara Margarida A. Diogo)
Page 71: Job (in)Satisfaction among Academics in Portuguese Higher Education Institutions (Maria de Lourdes Machado-Taylor, Virgílio Meira Soares, José Brites Ferreira, Minoo Farhangmehr, Rui Brites, Odilia Gouveia)
Page 97: Programmes Outside Bologna Models: Integrated Masters in the Portuguese Context (Amélia Veiga, Cristina Sin, Alberto Amaral)

PDF, 112 Pages

Higher Education in National Contexts – E-Books contain carefully selected articles from both "Internationalisation of Higher Education – A Handbook" and "The Journal of the European Higher Education". Starting from 2008, respectively 2011, the journals are a unique resource, specifically created for individuals interested and working in higher education internationalisation in Europe and worldwide. Articles by authors from around the world provide useful information on different national higher education systems. The journals are available as serial issues, on a subscription basis only. Many readers have asked us if it is possible to purchase articles devoted to a specific issues without subscription. In response we have decided to choose some articles published in the journals and publish them separately in the form of this booklet series.
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