Leadership and Governance – Volume 26

Governance in Specific Higher Education Systems. Band 1

In this Edition:
Page 1: Governance of Higher Education in the Countries and Territories of Former Yugoslavia. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and Kosovo (Martina Vukasović, Centre for Education Policy)
Page 15: Governance of Higher Education in the Baltic Countries. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (Mari Elken)
Page 37: Governance of Higher Education in Armenia (Susanna Karakhanyan)
Page 55: Governance of Higher Education in Turkey (Armağan Erdoğan, Metin Toprak)
Page 81: The Czech Higher Education System (Věra Šťastná, Miroslav Jašurek)

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LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE IN HIGHER EDUCATION contains carefully selected articles from the Leadership and Governance. Since it was first published in 2011, the Handbook aimed to provide leaders, members of governing bodies and senior administrators of higher education institutions with a user-friendly tool to support their work. The articles are practically oriented as well as based on reflections of principle.
Higher education institutions from 57 countries have already used the publication in their work. However, the Handbook was originally available in the form of quarterly supplements, on a subscription basis only. Many readers have asked us if it is possible to purchase articles devoted to a specific issue without subscription. In response we have decided to choose some articles published in the Leadership and Governance Handbook and publish them separately in the form of this booklet series.

This volume is available both as e-book and as printed version. Please note the different prices.
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